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Berggasthaus Trift
Hugo and Fabienne Biner
3920 Zermatt - Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 408 70 20

The Trift hiking trail

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A long weekend is ideal for a visit to the Trift area. Following your arrival on Friday you can tackle the two-hour ascent to Berggasthaus Trift. Stay on the botanical footpath and enjoy the varied and wonderful countryside of the Trift valley.

If you have the time and energy to go on a short hike on Friday afternoon, we would recommend you take a short hike to Schweifinen where you can gain your first impression of Zermatt's mountains. Then enjoy your first evening meal in our dining hall.

Wake up after your first overnight stay at 2337 metres and enjoy the calm atmosphere and wonderful view. Following a hearty breakfast you can go on a hike to Switzerland's second highest trekking mountain, the Mettelhorn at 3406 metres. In the evening you will probably be quite tired but satisfied and in the mood to enjoy a glass of wine in front of Berggasthaus Trift and take in the sunset, and subsequently enjoy the evening meal in the dining hall.

On Sunday after a good night's sleep you can enjoy one of the most beautiful hiking trips in the Alpine region. This will take you to Höhbalmen, Schwarzläger, Arben, Zmutt and back to Zermatt. We would be pleased to provide you with advice about hiking trips in the Zermatt region.

Route planner from Berggasthaus Trift to Mettelhorn at 3406 metres

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Mettelhorn 3406m
© Photo Klopfenstein Adelboden

From Berggasthaus Trift take the route to Rothornhütte up to 2452 metres, where the path leads off steeply to the right to Trifftkumme. After about 30 minutes you will reach a further valley. Continue on this route but always keep to the left until you reach Firnfeld between Furgghorn and Platthorn at 3190 metres. After about 300 metres along glacial corn snow a winding path will take you to the summit. Mettelhorn stands in an exposed position near the centre of the Matter valley, and offers an excellent view of the Matter valley and the range of four thousand metre mountains. Please consult us about the snow conditions on the glaciers before you embark on a hike (caution: make sure you have the appropriate footwear). In the event of bad weather we would suggest an alternative visit to the Platthorn at 3345 metres, alongside the Mettelhorn.

Time: ascent to Mettelhorn about 3 to 4 hours, degree of difficulty: experienced mountaineers. This hiking route is chosen by people of all ages during the summer months.

Route planner from Berggasthaus Trift to Höhblamen at 2665 metres to Zermatt

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Höhbalmen 2650m with Matterhorn

Opposite Berggasthaus Trift the route ascends in a zigzag course up the valley to a height of 2650 metres (time for the ascent: 50 minutes). Then, without any major differences in altitude for a distance of approx. 4 kilometres via Höhbalmen to Schwarzläger, then descending via Arben, Zmutt to Zermatt.

Time: 5 to 6 hours, degree of difficulty: mountaineers.