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Berggasthaus Trift
Hugo and Fabienne Biner
3920 Zermatt - Switzerland
Phone: +41 79 408 70 20

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How to reach Berggasthaus Trift

Route planner from Zermatt to Berggasthaus Trift at 2337 metres

From the railway station take the road entitled Bahnhofstrasse towards Matterhorn - at the Grampi Bar, near the route planner, a narrow lane leads off to the right. Carry on in this direction past a few more houses and then a brief stretch across a pasture. Then you will come to the start of the botanical footpath (botanische Lehrpfad). Carry on along the Trift gorge (Triftschlucht), along the footpath and then along the firm winding but steep hiking trail through the beautiful larch forest passing along the left of Alterhaupt and on to Alter to the Edelweiss guest-house at a height of 1961 metres. Then through the woods to Stellibrücke via the Trift stream (Triftbach). Then past a few more bends at Stellistein and you will reach Berggasthaus Trift.

Time: 2 hours. Degree of difficulty: mountaineers.